50% Off Fashion Photo-Shoot



Half Price 50% Off Fashion Photo-Shoot – Spring Deal

2 hours Studio Photography, all sets, lights, modifiers, props, 30 processed images available on my gallery with print release.

This is an ideal 50% package to kickstart your modeling or fashion portfolio and can be used for almost anything, Models, Fashion Portfolios, Family Groups, Friends, Graduations, Business Images, Professional Profiles etc.

*The Studio and its facilities, props, lights etc are hired by me through silkwoodstudio.co.uk a beautiful 3000sq ft space located 2 mins from J26 off the M62 (A638 Cleckheaton)*

To book a Studio Session please contact me directly either by phone on 07989041618 or by email.

All Studio bookings are subject availability. A Deposit of £20 is required once I have booked a slot with the Studio

Harry Dwyer Photography
26 Brooklyn DriveCleckheaton, West Yorkshire BD19 4TP
Tel: (079)890-4161 | ShowMeLocal.com/HARRY21738533



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