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Variety is the spice of life and a change is as good as a rest – here are just some of the different things you cover as a Photographer.


Golfing Masterclass

Couples get pampered on a #Golfing masterclass at Horsforth Golf Club – Leeds


The joining of a couple in Matrimony

I get to witness a #marriage at Leeds Town Hall and take candid shots in #Leeds afterwards


After the Wedding – #Leedslife


The Agility Dogs Team

Into another direction this time photographing Team Kit for Gforce Sportswear and The Agility Dog – Yorkshire

IMG_0119 - Copy

Retro feel Family Photography


Party Party Party


Head-shots for Drama


Commercial Photography


Holy Communion Family Groups


Pet Photography – Afghan Hound


Studio Fashion & Swimwear


Established Professional Photographer taking bookings now for May / June / July Events, Proms, Parties & Most Other Events throughout the Summer.


I am DBS Checked – Fully Insured, and I provide a Friendly & Professional Service.

I focus on Traditional, Style & Fashion – Individual Portraits, Group Photos, Friends, During and After Party images, Fun Shots, Candid images and Artistic Group Photos with My Direction

– For my Photography service I charge £15 per hour –

– I am available from 2 up to 8 hours for your Event, I can also split my days into parts If I’m required at other locations.

– When your Images are ready, usually 24 to 48 hrs after the event, I will send you your private Gallery Link and Password by Email, you can then choose your favourites at leisure.

In addition to the above you also get

– Free Processing
– Free Mobile Gallery App of your Favourites to Download and Share with your Friends
– Free Online Gallery, Private & Password Protected, Accessible anytime, day or night.

– Images are £1.50 each and there is a Minimum Order of 20 image files. If you order 30 or more images I will give you 10% off the total amount.

– When you have chosen your favourites your Downloads are sent to you straight from the Gallery with a welcome email and Zip file attached.

– If you would like your images sent to you on a USB Memory Stick instead, I can also do this for £9.99, this includes secure ‘signed for’ first class postage.

– If you would like standard prints – 6”x4” or 5”x7” – I can also provide these at £2.50 each. This includes secure first class ‘signed for’ postage..

NB: – Payment for Photography (my hourly rate) is Required in Cash at the Event – Payment for your Images is required by Bank Transfer later when you Place your Order.

– I am also available for Family, Friends & Individual Studio Photography, as well as Location and Themed Event Photography, please go to my website for full details, or contact me directly on Tel. 07989041618

© Harry Dwyer Photography 2017

Busy Busy Busy


So I’ve been in the Studio again…

I was lucky enough to photograph Sophie who’s never been in a Studio before, and she was delightful, nice lines, curves and great posing!


IMG_0033_HDRWho would have thought this 21 year old Yorkshire ‘Lass’ has never done any Modeling before.. she is a natural in front of the camera.

IMG_0135-2Sophie wants to progress into modeling Fashion and Swimwear for Retail and Advertising

IMG_0118 (2)

She previously studied Performing Arts & Dance

IMG_0158 (2)

Some of her images from the shoot will help kick start a venture into Retail Modeling with a simple, clean and neat little Portfolio.


If you’re considering Modeling and need images, or you want some posing advice, please get in touch – Harry Dwyer Photography

You can also contact me if you’d like to get in touch with Sophie regarding Retail, Catalogue and Swimwear modeling – Contact Me

All images are © Harry Dwyer Photography 2017



Proms Fashion

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Are you planning your perfect outfit for this years #MayProm – Check out #Fashion #photography #style #trend on Teen Vogue

You’ll want to stand out from the crowd right, not blend in with the rest – Why not think about wearing a suit instead of going with the traditional dress, read this on Teen Vogue

teen vogue prom suit

image © teen vogue

Check out my page for the Prom Focus Harry Dwyer Photography – Focus on Fashion


Black Sleek & Limo

Rock & Roll Gold – Chantel McGregor in Triplicate

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My Single Image for Sunday

Orderly & Korrect: OK.

Alright, I agree, when you look at my Image, it’s actually 3 Images merged into One, but as it’s  what’s commonly known in my part of the UK (think Taboo) as a ‘Day of Rest’ I’ve decided to deem this Holy Day in my ‘Blography as Single Image Sunday, so there you go!

Expect nothing more and nothing less from me on a Sunday from now on. Have a Super Sunday Morning, Day or Evening depending on where you are, and I’ll be back this coming Monday with original ‘stuff’ concerning Gold, Pans, Scotland and Photography;

How hellishly diverse can I be ?  believe me, Mondays offering is a really exciting introduction to the subject of ‘Gold Panning‘, and my forthcoming visit to Moffat , Scotland in August for The World Gold Panning Championships 2017

So, seeing as I’m a ‘Mine‘ of information, and to tie all of the aforesaid together nicely, I’ll leave you with this little Golden Nugget – Chantel ‘McGregor‘ or Clan Gregor, the Rock Blues sensation from Bradford has Irn Bru Roots, and here’s the proof… Clan MacGregor



pictured in triplicate is Rock Blues Genius Chantel McGregor




Truly Inspirational

Blographer, Music & Photography

Chantel McGregor


Above, Chantel McGregor at Bradford Festival 2015 – © Harry Dwyer Photography

‘Chantel Dawn McGregor (born in Bradford, England) is a British blues rock guitarist and singer-songwriter.’

‘Chantel McGregor attended Leeds College of Music where she achieved a number of awards, including the Leeds College of Music Prize for Outstanding Musicianship. She gained a First Class Honours degree in Popular Music in 2008,[1] and has gone on to develop a career in the UK and international blues and rock music scene, performing solo and with her band.’

Video – YouTube – Chantel McGregor at The Duck & Drake, Leeds 2009


Read more, Chantel McGregor, Wikipedia

Nice to have  one of my images chosen by Chantel and included in her 2016 Calendar

Chantel Mcgregor

Chantel Mcgregor


Photographers with Obsessions


Chamira Young

Chamira will readily admit it: she’s an art nerd, Photoshop geek, and photographer with an obsession for productivity and creativity. Through online teaching and podcasting, she loves helping other creative minds become more successful by empowering them with the knowledge and inspiration to up their game. Currently, is the hub of her creative mischief. It branches out to her other projects, and allows her to be an artist, photographer, podcaster at, and online course creator. You can also find her on Twitter.

Does Size Matter? Upgrading Your Gear For The Wrong Reasons

Let’s face it, many photographers believe that “bigger is better.” I know I initially did years ago. Large is in charge, and it’s easy to assume that success is a reflection of how impressive or expensive our camera body or lens is. However, I personally believe that this is less and less true these days. In many cases, advancements in current technology have made high quality equipment very affordable at a relatively low price point.

Manufacturing companies have found ways to make smaller and more compact cameras, and these cameras are giving the larger camera bodies a run for their money. The mirrorless camera movement is a prime example of this. Granted, there is a time and place for specific camera bodies and specific lenses, such as in the case of architectural photography where a tilt-shift is useful, or large-scale print photography where a full-frame DSLR is quite handy. However, if you are just starting out as a photographer and believe you have to immediately get your hands on the most expensive equipment, you may be mistaken. More important is to learn how to use the gear you already have, and then outgrow it.

Are you considering upgrading to keep up with your photographer friends? Before you do, consider this short list of common mistakes we often make when deciding to upgrade for the wrong reasons.

Common Mistakes We Often Make When Upgrading

Mistake 1. Assuming that size is the only thing that matters.

The first mistake young or new photographers often make is thinking that size is all that matters. It’s folly to initially assume that the value of a camera or lens is based solely on how hefty it is. Here’s a question for you: When has a happy portrait client ever asked you about the size of your camera, or what lens you used? You might have a computer-sized camera hanging around your neck, or a camera no bigger than a pair of glasses while making pictures, but a satisfied client doesn’t care about the size of your gear. They often don’t even know the difference. All they know is that they want high quality images from you, and it’s your job to deliver. Your gear doesn’t automatically do that for you.

Case in point: If you’re an entry-level portrait photographer just starting out, one of the most handy (and inexpensive) starter lenses you can purchase is a 50mm 1.8 prime lens. This small, unassuming lens can be easily found for under $150, and is an absolute gem. It allows you to produce professional level images without breaking the bank. Below is a photo from the very first wedding I shot years ago using this very lens. At the time, I was a total newbie shooting under low-light conditions with no external light. Of course I look at it now and see where it can be improved, but at the time it did the job.

Mistake 2. Assuming that more lenses equals more success

Do you know that photographer friend who seems to collect lenses? They have an outrageous number of them, and they keep them for the “just in case” moments. Their newest lens is often their best lens…that is, until they buy the next one.

It’s much better to have a lens that is the right fit for the type of photography you do, as mentioned in the portrait example above. You are the one doing the work, and with the knowledge and the equipment to match, you will still be able to produce amazing images. Yes, having more than one lens is a good idea. However, be careful of going overboard too quickly.

Sometimes, renting equipment is the way to go. There are many resources where you can inexpensively rent gear for a short time, such as at LensRentals or BorrowLenses. This is something I often do. It allows me to give it a trial run. Test equipment out before you dole out hundreds or thousands of dollars for it.

Mistake 3. Assuming your camera body makes you better

When I first started working at a print magazine years ago as a staff assistant photographer, I started with a Canon Rebel T1i body. Yes, you read that correctly. And guess what? The readers of the magazine never asked me what type of gear I was using. Fast forward to today, and of course I’ve outgrown that body and graduated to a more advanced model, but not before learning it inside and out. Below is a practice photo I made from years ago with that very Canon Rebel:

Concluding Thoughts

There has never been a time in history when a sculpture molded itself. Knowing yourself and your gear inside and out will be the difference between “good” and “great” in terms of the images you produce and keeping your clients happy. Yes, there is a time and place for upgrades, but those are in due time as you have the resources and the strong need. Don’t buy into excessive camera bodies, lenses, or other gear just to say you have it. If you don’t know what you’re doing or cannot make the most of the gear that you already have, then you are seriously jeopardizing your chances for success.

The camera cannot make the photo without you and the image cannot be what it is without your creative vision. The camera is and always will be just a tool that we use to produce the images that we do. The composition, the artistry, and the magic is within us, not in the gear that we have. We are the sole difference between good and great.

It’s all a balance of practice, experience, and resources. These factors are the most important parts of being a photographer. Don’t waste them

Rasa Didzpetris


Jenny Artichoke

I went to see Sunny Afternoon at the weekend, which reminded me of this sidebar I wrote for Shindig! Magazine


Schoolgirl meets popstar, 1964.
Who is Rasa Didzpetris, did you say? Here’s the story…
Eighteen-year-old Lithuanian-born pop fan and convent school girl Rasa met The Kinks after a gig in Sheffield on May 19th, 1964, and got along so well with Ray that they corresponded over the summer and eventually met up in London in mid-August. Ray has described a movie-style reunion at Tottenham Court Road tube station, after which romance blossomed, followed somewhat swiftly by the young couple’s wedding in the bride’s home town of Bradford on December 12, ’64.
However, by this time Rasa had already seen her debut as backing singer for The Kinks, first appearing (probably) on ‘Stop You Sobbing’, recorded back in August during her first visit to Ray. Precise details of the whens…

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